Georeport v2 API

Open311 is a form of technology that provides open channels of communication for issues that concern public space and public services. Primarily, Open311 refers to a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue-tracking.

By offering free web API access to an existing 311 service, Open311 is an evolution of the phone-based 311 systems that many cities in North America offer.


If you install Mark-a-Spot, there is an API Key and a test-user preconfigured. You can add more keys for your users by clicking Mark-a-Spot in the black toolbar and Request API Key Authentication.


GeoReport v2 API Specification

Please check out the docs at

Change some discovery properties

GeoReport v2 and subsequent Open311 APIs are also required to have a standard service discovery file associated with them to provide routing between versions and types of APIs. You can configure the properties via the Open311 settings page.


Testing the API

Mark-a-Spot comes with a built-in GeoReport v2 Server. See how it works:
1. Go straight to the Api Key Auth Provider page and copy the API Key of the test user.
2. Open a shell and paste the command having replaced the default API Key "abcdef123456".
3. Watch how content has been created on the Service-Request page.

curl -w %{time_connect}:%{time_starttransfer}:"time-total: "%{time_total}"sec " -H "Application wwww-form-urlencoded" -i -d "media_url=""&service_code=0001&description=Elementaque phoebe surgere pondus. Partim lucis. 
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&[email protected]&lat=40.7251976361&long=-73.9812576771
&api_key=abcdef123456" http://markaspot.docksal/georeport/v2/requests.json